Welcome to Trojan Dive Club

The Trojan Dive Club, an elite age group diving program, is one of 7 Podium Programs for USA Diving in the country. Our main objective is to teach proper diving techniques, improve physical fitness, build mental toughness and self-esteem through the sport of diving. During this process we strive to guide athletes of all ages to achieve their personal goals and set them on a course to reach their full potential in life. We welcome divers of all levels and disciplines; from novice to Olympians as well as cliff divers and masters.


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USA Diving Events

April 28 - April 30

Region 12 Championships in Laguna Niguel, CA
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May 19 - 21

USA Diving FINA World Championships Individual Trials in Indianapolis, IN
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June 29 - July 2

Zone F National Championships in Pasadena, CA
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July 14 - 22

FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary
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July 29 - Aug 12

USA Diving National Championships in Columbus, OH
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August 25-27

Summer Masters National Championships in Riverside, CA
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September 28 - October 1

Junior Pan American Championships in Victoria, Canada
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