Welcome to Trojan Dive Club

The Trojan Dive Club, an elite age group diving program, is one of 7 Podium Programs for USA Diving in the country. Our main objective is to teach proper diving techniques, improve physical fitness, build mental toughness and self-esteem through the sport of diving. During this process we strive to guide athletes of all ages to achieve their personal goals and set them on a course to reach their full potential in life. We welcome divers of all levels and disciplines; from novice to Olympians as well as cliff divers and masters.


The NEW Uytengsu Aquatics Center

The new Uytengsu Aquatic Center at the University of Southern California was formerly the site of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games Swimming and Diving events. The diving well is 25 yards by 25 meters with a depth of 17 feet under all the boards and has a bubbler system under the tower and 3 meter springboard.

Uytengsu Aquatics Center

Artist Rendering

Phase 1

You 1 Day!

Dryland Phase 1

Hot Tub

Water Bubbler

2 1-Meter Duraflex B model on concrete standards
2 3-Meter Duraflex B model on concrete standards

Rough-Tex matting surface on 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 Meter.

Bubbler system
Bubbler system on 3m springboard and Dive Tower. This system is used by the coach when a diver is learning a new trick. Bubbles are blown from the bottom of the pool expanding as they rise to break the surface tension of the water under the diver, thereby significantly minimizing the risk of injury.

Three Hot Showers and a Hot Tub

Dry Land Facility
The on-site indoor dryland facility includes 2 trampolines, 2 springboards with Port-A-Pit Spotting Rig (both at ground level), a gymnastic-style spring floor, multiple ground flipping stations, stall bars and stretching area.